Oliva Capital among the largest companies in Quebec


10 June 2022

Terrebonne, Qc.

On May 25th, the business newspaper Les Affaires published its annual ranking of the 300 largest companies in Quebec. It is with great pride that we have learned that Oliva Capital is among the largest employers in Quebec.

These results are due to the involvement and work of the entire team and we are convinced that this is only the beginning.

For the next year – top 200 goal!  

To read about the ranking

Rank: The company is ranked according to the reported number of full-time employees in Quebec as of December 31. When businesses have the same number of employees, they occupy the same rank and appear in alphabetical order. The numbering takes into account the repetition of the same rank for several companies.

Companies: only Canadian parent companies or divisions of foreign companies are listed. Their subsidiaries are grouped together, if applicable.

Total number of employees: the figure includes Quebec, the rest of Canada and outside Canada. When the company name indicates that it is the Canadian branch, then the total number of employees includes only Quebec and the rest of Canada.

Head Office: When the company name indicates that it is the Canadian branch, the head office is the one in Canada. Otherwise, it is the world headquarters.

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