About us.

Founded by five friends driven by a passion for entrepreneurship and a desire to make a real difference, Oliva Capital took root in inspiring meetings held in a restaurant called Oliva in Merida, Mexico.

The Oliva Capital logo features a chameleon, a symbol emblematic of Mexico and representing the company’s ability to adapt, be creative and seize structuring opportunities.

This entrepreneurial adventure, carried out with commitment, determination and, above all, pleasure, now makes it possible to support the growth of promising companies thanks to its desire to generate a significant impact.

Invested to generate impact.

Oliva Capital’s commitment to making an impact is more than just a slogan. It is a mission we take to heart. We believe that our success is linked to the success of our community.

We see it as our responsibility to contribute to the development and well-being of our local community. Through our various initiatives, we are committed to supporting causes that have a significant impact on our fellow citizens and contribute to the positive influence of our communities.

This is why we are proud to support social causes and to be directly involved with several local organizations.

Our investment criteria.

Oliva Capital strategically and financially supports companies with recognized expertise in their field to help them maximize their growth. Combined with our operational expertise, we work with our partners to maximize their potential, foster innovation and collaboration, and stimulate their success.

We place a high value on building long-term relationships with our partners and establishing mutually beneficial collaborations that deliver innovative solutions and sustainable results for clients.

While we have a significant interest in the technology and horticulture fields, we are always looking for investment opportunities in other types of industries.