Oliva Capital Adds GoodJOB App to its portfolio


27 February 2024

TERREBONNE, QC, Feb 27, 2024 – The acquiring group formed by Oliva Capital, a private investment firm founded by Quebec entrepreneurs, and Patrice Létourneau, a seasoned entrepreneur and digital transformation specialist, proudly announce the successful acquisition of the innovative temporary staffing platform, GoodJobApp.ca. Two existing shareholders, Mathieu Lespérance and Sabeur Ettih, who are behind the platform’s development, also remain as project partners and continue their involvement in the implementation of technological innovations.

This strategic transaction is part of the profound transformation of the world of work and the growing importance of new, flexible employment modes supported by innovative technologies.

Since its launch in the spring of 2021, GoodJobApp.ca has quickly established itself as a reference in the field of temporary recruitment platforms, notably in the restaurant and hotel sectors. The platform facilitates the connection of independent workers with employers looking for staff to fill shifts. GoodJobApp.ca’s cutting-edge technology revolutionizes how companies search for, assess, and recruit talent, offering increased efficiency and an optimized user experience.

“GoodJOB is a disruptive technology that meets the need for speed and efficiency in the search for talent to fill temporary shifts. We were impressed by the innovations delivered by the team in just 3 years, and we plan to accelerate the pace with a partnership with Logient to better meet the changing needs of employers,” adds Patrice Létourneau, the new President of GoodJOB.

“The digital transformation is taking place across all sectors of activity, and we believe that GoodJOB is at the forefront when it comes to temporary staffing thanks to its technological platform. This not only gives GoodJOB a considerable operational advantage but will also allow the integration of new verticals that will create a lot of value, in our opinion,” emphasizes Vincent Godcharles, partner at Oliva Capital.

The transformation of the job market is at the heart of this initiative. The acquired platform will not only facilitate the search for talent but will also encourage the emergence of new work modes and flexibility. By promoting a more agile and adaptable approach, GoodJobApp.ca will help meet the needs of companies and workers in an ever-evolving professional environment.

This acquisition is part of a common vision of the acquiring group, centered on growth through acquisition and the development of new sectors. Oliva Capital and Patrice Létourneau are determined to propel GoodJobApp.ca to new heights by capitalizing on their technological expertise and exploring new opportunities and partnerships in the human resources market.