VoIP.ms Announces David Rouleau as New Chief Executive Officer


25 April 2022

Montreal, QC., April 25th, 2022— VoIP.ms, a leading North American communication platform delivering voice and text services announced today that David Rouleau has been appointed as Chief Executive Officer of the company. Khan Chau, who has been acting as Chief Executive Officer for the last four years will continue to support the company providing strategic support as president and as a member of the board of directors. 

David joined VoIP.ms in May 2018 and is an instrumental part of the organizational strategic development since he joined the company, building strong relationships with customers and partners in the role of Chief Operating Officer and led numerous strategic initiatives that have fueled the company growth. 

“David is one of the main reasons as to what VoIP.ms has become today and its success,” said Khan Chau. “His extensive operations and strategy background, added to the knowledge he built about the company and the telecommunications industry over the years, will help VoIP.ms strengthen channel partnerships, develop strategic alliances, and expand our international footprint. We believe his strong leadership experience will help the company evolve and continue its growth.”

“I am humbled to be appointed CEO and have the opportunity to lead such a talented team of individuals,” said David. “The company has a proven business model, a strong competitive platform, and a lot of internal talent, what uniquely positions us to meet ever-evolving customer needs in a changing telecommunications environment. Our business model provides a high-quality communication platform for our customers, demonstrated by the solid reputation we’ve built with our loyal customer base. As cliché as it may sound, customers are a central part of everything we do at VoIP.ms. We empower our customers by empowering our staff with the right resources and by making constant improvements to our platform. While we strive to offer excellent services, we also focus on continuously helping our customers to optimize their budgets without compromising the quality of the service we offer.”

About VoIP.ms

Founded in 2007, VoIP.ms is a Canadian voice over internet protocol (VoIP) bring-your-own-device provider headquartered in Montreal, Canada with highly satisfied customers across the globe namely cPanel, ICON Health & Fitness, Toys”R”Us and others. VoIP.ms provides a vast range of standard telephony features, as well as enhanced communication features to simplify both business and residential communications such as local, DID numbers in 60+ countries. It also offers Free Porting across U.S. and Canada for local & toll-free DIDs, termination (outgoing calls) in over 125 countries across the globe, toll-free numbers, and services such as E911, SMS, virtual fax and virtual PRIs. For more information on VoIP.ms, please visit https://voip.ms