Oliva Horticulture, a subsidiary of Oliva Capital, acquires Pépinière Villeneuve


1 November 2022

Martin Breault, CEO of Oliva Horticulture and partner at Oliva Capital is pleased to announce the acquisition of Pépinière Villeneuve.

With its solid reputation, its strategic positioning in a growing market, its loyal clientele and its extraordinary team, the addition of Pépinière Villeneuve in its ecosystem was an obvious choice for Oliva Horticulture.

“It is with great pleasure that we welcome the excellent team of Pépinière Villeneuve and we are happy to be able to continue the great work done by Pierre and the whole team. The similar values conveyed by Pépinière Villeneuve and Oliva Horticulture will certainly facilitate the transition and will allow us to support this regional institution” underlines Martin Breault, CEO of Oliva Horticulture.

“The business world is evolving rapidly and our company needed to be renewed, with major investments to meet market expectations. It was important for me to find the best team to ensure the continuity of operations, to keep jobs and to respect my values and my vision of horticulture. It was therefore natural for me to turn to Oliva Horticulture, a very dynamic and serious company, to take over the business,” said Pierre Villeneuve, founder.

Oliva Horticulture is extremely confident about the future of Pépinière Villeneuve and the horticultural industry. The team behind Oliva Horticulture has demonstrated time and time again its level of sophistication in technology, finance, human resources and organizational development.

Oliva Horticulture plays a facilitating role in the market place with respect to its customers, suppliers and competitors. We firmly believe that in order to evolve in the market, all parties involved in horticulture in Quebec must be successful.

About Pépinière Villeneuve

Pépinière Villeneuve grows more than 200,000 potted plants each year, including 1,000 varieties of perennials as well as a large selection of conifers, shrubs and trees in the field. Always on the lookout for new discoveries, the company does not hesitate to import from the United States or Europe to enrich its collections. Its innovations have earned it numerous “Horticultural Merits” at the Montreal Botanical Garden in recent years. It is the reference for horticulturists since 1988.

About Oliva Capital

Oliva Capital is a private equity firm with an ecosystem of diversified companies. Through its financial expertise, as well as its strategic and operational support, Oliva propels promising companies towards sustainable growth. Focused on a collaborative and proactive approach, Oliva continually seeks to invest in generating positive impact in the communities where it operates.

Oliva Capital is mainly involved in the technology and agriculture sectors. The ecosystem now has more than 750 people in Canada, the United States, Mexico & Tunisia, which places Oliva Capital in the top 300 largest companies in Quebec according to the Journal Les Affaires.